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Low cost BT’s telephone line at a lower monthly charges 

inclusive local, national & mobile calls



Amcall Communications Limited enjoys from 25 years of experience in reseller BT fix line and broadband services. Amcall is a reseller of the leading telecom networks operators and services providers mainly BT and vodafone. Therefore, Amcall can offer its customer best solution available in the market based on the customer’s needs at the best possible costs. 

Amcall serves customers only in the UK.

Amcall offers real 24/7/365 service by a dedicated professional support team.

Voice to MS Teams

Enable Voice to Microsoft Teams including international calls

SIP Trunking & Call Management

For more advanced and complicate VoIP operations, high saving & seamless integration


ADSL / Fiber ADSL / FttC / FttP

Mobile Data & M2M

Local & global coverage of mobile data services for broadband & IoT


Why do we need IP telephony system?

BT now stopped selling ISDN. It means any current businesses using ISDN need to start making the move to IP voice sooner rather than later. Switch
off of BT analogue voice services is also planned for 2025. With Vodafone Evolved Voice over Public Internet, you can easily set up your voice calls over the public internet now and ensure there’s no disruption to your service.

We expect to move premises, is it better to wait?

Evolved Voice over Public Internet can help you make your move simpler. With SIP trunking, you can keep your existing phone numbers when you change premises and avoid confusing your customers. You’ll also find it increases the flexibility of your phone system when making moves, adds and changes.

We’re worried that SIP trunks won’t be as reliable as landline or ISDN

Evolved Voice over Public Internet is a no-hassle, business-grade solution that’s built to perform for peace of mind. Operating on Vodafone’s far-reaching
network, you can ensure you always have access to your service. Our solution is a SIP-based built by using the G.711 codec which is equivalent to ISDN call
quality10. This is in contrast to some competitor SIP services that are built on G.729 codec which is below this quality. Modern phones systems are now expected to work over the internet due to changing habits, and Evolved Voice is optimised to do so.

How can we ensure our business continuity, especially in the context of recent events and preparing for the ‘new normal’?

Voice over Public Internet has been designed to support business continuity and disaster recovery. In the event of an emergency or new lockdown measures, customers can quickly and easily divert all calls to a nominated number. In addition, it’s a service that offers end-to-end failover (via Customer Endpoint Diversity) so should a failure occur, features will allow customers to continue to operate. The combination of this service with Microsoft Teams can provide a complete solution for any business telecommunications needs.

Why Amcall?

Amcall can enable you to make all your business phone calls over the internet by adding our SIP based solution to the existing PBX, or even to replace it to an IP-PBX. Customer can port their number to the Public Internet world and benefit from maximum flexibility, same telephone number, anyway anytime.

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